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My Story (In a Nutshell)


I've been an artist my entire life. I'm also a wife and a mom of two kids, two German Shepherds, and of a very particular cat named Rita.

Over the last decade, I've figured out how to make money with my passion and now own an award-winning art business here in Rhode Island.

It didn't happen overnight, and not everything I tried worked. It's been a long and winding road, full of fantastic twists and turns that has led me to this place. While working as a high school special and arts educator in the public school system, I began to hone my artistic craft. Through persistence, devotion, and the use of social media, I was able to resign from my teaching career and embark into the world of entrepreneurship. As a wife and mom, I've also lived with learning how to strike a balance.

A passion of mine is to help other artists do what I do. I strive to change "starving artist" mentalities into thriving ones, and help artists develop the business side of what they do.

Am I Right For You?

I very well may be! You should choose a coach based on their experience and accomplishments. If you are an artist looking to grow in one or a combination of the following areas, we may be a good fit for one another!

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Selling and Pricing Your Work

  • Figuring Out Where and How to Sell Your Work

  • Developing a Business Plan

  • Merchandising: Creating Products of Your Work for Sale

  • Taking Commissions

  • Showing In Galleries

  • Writing an Artist Statement or Biography

  • Writing Press Releases

  • Seeking Grants

  • Developing Classes

  • Improving Teaching Methods

  • Working With Special Needs Populations

  • Photographing Your Work

  • Expanding Your Network

  • Creating Promotional Material for Your Events


Everyone has different needs, and a different timetable.

If you are seeking help for one or two small issues, you may only need access to me for a few hours over a short period of time.

Short term coaching rate: First hour: $100. Up to six more half hour sessions at $60/each within a two month period. Sessions may be held over the phone, via video conference, or in person if local.

If you are seeking help for multiple or more complex issues, long term coaching over several months may be a better fit.

Long term coaching rate: $500 for 6 one hour sessions. Sessions would take place over a 6 month period. Sessions may be held over the phone, via video conference, or in person if local. Long therm coaching may also include one-on-one studio art lessons if requested/needed.

During each session, I'll help you pinpoint areas of need and provide you with concrete, actionable tasks and goals. In our following session, we'll review your progress and figure out your next step(s).

Please ask lots of questions about the process prior to making any payments for services. Once rendered, this is non-refundable. 


To determine if I can help you, I'll need you to fill out the "Pre-Coaching Questions" below. After reviewing your responses, If I think we're a good fit we'll schedule your first session!

Pre-Coaching Questions

I'll be in touch soon! Thank you for stopping by!

So What's Next?

If I think I can help you, I'll be in touch after you fill out the questionnaire. We'll schedule a session and I'll send off an invoice for your chosen package.

After that? Hopefully magic for you! ;)

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